In front of Checkin-Room there are Ot Ferrer and Roberto Oleart. Both with more than 25 years experience in the business, have the experience, the knowledge and the smell required to manage a fashion agency on the actual moment of the fashion and sport business.

Ot Ferrer is the commercial director of the company backed up for his 25 years background, beginning on the street-wear and skate until today, managing brands as Lacoste, New Era, Fred Perry or Santa Cruz. His 360ยบ overview allowed him to keep always ready to react to the market evolution and adapt the growth of every brand to the actual situation in our territory.

Robert Oleart has the knowledge from the textile manufacturing, clothing manufacturing and agency to provide the agency the right answers to all his customers and specially to planning all the objectives with all the brands the company work with. He also managed directly all the shoes brand the agency work, with relevant brands as Blundstone or Voile Blanche. 

The company will never be a success without a first level team who works one each other with the owners. In this case we have two key persons.

Eider Paredes lead the commercial matters for all Street -Wear and Skate brands, with Hugh commercial and sports experience to managed successfully all her brands. Is specially relevant his sports career on the skate competitions.

Patricia Bautista is our customer service manager, specially covering all the Fashion and shoes customers, managing more than 180 customers supporting daily to all their needs.

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